Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Official Guide: Walkthrough: Starter Packs FAQs

Walkthrough: Starter Packs FAQs

Starter Packs 

  • are special packages in each Farm when they are newly released. Starter Packs include an Animal, a tree, a vehicle, parts to clear the hidden treasures and Farm specific points (the items will depend on the pack they will choose).

Where can I find the items that came with the Starter Pack? 
- You can see the items in your Gfit Box. All you need to do is to search for the item and place them in your Farm. 

Are these items Farm Specific? I can't place the Gold Vine Tree in my Holiday Lights Farm. Is there an issue with the items?
- The items are Farm Specific. You can only place them on the farms they are presented. If you wanted to place the tree in your Farm, you can either place it in your Home Farm or the Farm it is intended to be. 


  • Traveler Starter Pack
  • Explorer Starter Pack
  • Wondrous Starter Pack

Happy Farming!   

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