Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Official Guide: Walkthrough: Welcome to Emerald Valley

Walkthrough: Welcome to Emerald Valley

Welcome to the newest Farm of FarmVille: Emerald Valley. It was released last Monday, February 24 and is the 21st farm added in the game. General Access will be given to all players after a week of being released. 

Welcome to Emerald Valley Pop up Window

After clicking the Buy & Go button from the Pop up window, you will see this Notification box and will ask you if you wanted to spend 45 Farm Cash to have an early access to Emerald Valley. 

This is how Emerald Valley looks like after accessing it:

Starter Packs

After clicking the Check it out! button, you will be sent to this page in the Market to help you choose which pack you are going to purchase.

Expansions are also available and it starts with the first 8 Expansions:

Happy Farming!   

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