Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Great Swan Migration, Stage 2!

Ice Chunk Quests – Week 2
As noted above, click on the Observation Deck or any of the Ice Chunks to start working on your second set of Quests. As you finish parts of your quest, a green check mark will appear to indicate what parts of the quest have been completed. For every quest you complete, you remove a piece of Ice from the river and in return, you will receive some Water! The four quests for the Week 2 are as follows:




Bonus Quests:
Finished the current week of quests early and are looking for something else to do while you wait? If you are level 20 or above, complete a Bonus quest for a chance to earn awesome extra rewards like Salt! In order to unlock the Bonus Quest, complete each week of quests before the feature expires
Note: You have 35 days to complete the bonus quests. Bonus quests will only unlock if you complete a week of quests.

The Bonus quests for Week 1 are as follows:

Swan 11

The Bonus quests for Week 2 are as follows:


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