Tuesday, July 29, 2014

FarmVille - Regular Crops vs. Club Crops?

Howdy farmers!

We noticed a lot of players are not getting any progress in their quests when planting Club Crops. We're sorry for the confusion and please know that our team is now working on this matter to better improve our farmers' game experience. Here are a few information you may want to check out for reference.

What are Club Crops?
Back in 2012, FarmVille had feature called Club where in players create and/or join a club and compete in a plant-and-harvest competition with other clubs. Club Crops are crops that club members need to plant and harvest in order to win per round. If a club wins a round, club members will earn permanent license for the specific Club Crops. For more information on the Club feature, you may click here.

Club Crops were recently added in the Market so that players who were not able to participate in the Club feature can access and benefit from it. Planting Club Crops will yield the same bushel as their regular crop counterparts and it takes less coins and less time to harvest. Hence, easier to master and will give more bushels in less time. It can be identified by having a handshake badge as shown below.

But please remember while Club Crops gives additional benefits for the eager farmer, please take note that it does not count when planted and harvested for quest requirements.

To ensure that the correct crop requirements will count for your quests, click on the "Plant Crop" button from the quest dialogue box as shown below.

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