Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Gift Box capacity indicator - check the official guide!

Description: Gift Box capacity indicator is a new feature which will make it easier for players to delete items and to be aware of their current Gift Box capacity.

Here's how it works:

Once a player reached the 500 unique item limit, an exclamation mark will appear on their Gift Box icon.

The number indicated on top of the icon is the number of unique items that the player have inside the Gift Box.

Once the player clicks on it, it will give them an option to select the items they wish to sell.

Then they need to select an item by clicking on the tick box to activate the "Sell Selected" button.

After clicking on the Sell Selected button, a box will appear for players to select the amount per item pre-selected for selling which will indicate the corresponding Coins that they will receive after selling. Click on "Sell Now!" to push thru with the process.

Happy Farming! 

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