Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FAQ: How to use Crop Silo (FarmVille 2)

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What is the Crop Silo?
The Crop Silo helps you store more crops and basic animal goods! You can Quick Sell those items in bulk from the Crop Silo, so that you will always receive coins for your goods.  

What can the Crop Silo store?
The Crop Silo only stores crops and basic animal goods. Crafted goods are stored in the Barn.

Can I choose how many items to sell from the Crop Silo?
When you choose to sell an item from the Crop Silo, the entire pile in the Silo will be sold. Any extras in the Barn will not be sold.

Do I get experience from selling items in the Crop Silo?
When you sell items in the Silo, you will receive coins. Selling items in the Silo will not give your farm experience or count towards the order board bonus meter.

What happens when my Crop Silo is full?
Once your Crop Silo is full, any extra crops and basic animal goods will overfill into the Barn. You can also upgrade your Crop Silo to store more basic goods.

How do I upgrade the Crop Silo?
You’ll need Barn Nails, Barn Padlocks, and Shovels to upgrade the Silo.

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