Thursday, August 7, 2014

Home for Baby Golden Pheasant

Golden Pheasant 1
You and Gus have discovered a Baby Golden Pheasant around the farm. You can give it a loving home, but you'll need to make sure its comfortable first. Gus knows just what to do!
Gather some materials to build a proper Pheasant Perch so your new guest has a place to call home.
Golden Pheasant 2
Life's always easier with a helping hand. Your neighbors can help you finish the Perch, so that you can save your precious Farm Bucks!
Golden Pheasant 3
When you're done building it, the Pheasant's Perch will look like this:
Golden Pheasant 4
After that, you're only a few completed tasks away from getting your very own Baby Golden Pheasant! Click on the Perch to see what needs to be done, and when you've finished...
...the Baby Golden Pheasant will have a home at last!
Golden Pheasant 5
Just look at how happy the Baby Golden Pheasant is, now that you've taken her in.
Golden Pheasant 6
But it doesn't end there! This adorable youngster still has some growing up to do before it's ready to start helping out around the farm. Give it some Baby Bottles and watch it grow...
...into a colorful adult that you can collect feathers from! This is also a chance for you to help your neighbors by sharing valuable Baby Bottles with them. 
Golden Pheasant 7
That is one fancy looking bird! We hope all of our Farmers enjoy having the Golden Pheasant on their farm. Thank you for playing FarmVille 2!
Golden Pheasant 8

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