Thursday, October 9, 2014

FarmVille 2 - Country Escape Mastery Guide

Become a World Class Farmer! Unlock the new World Class Wharf at Level 34 to earn World Class Masteries for your goods! 
The World Class Wharf is located in the cove as shown below. 

You will have 3 masteries to start off with, Apples, and 2 others. Each mastery item will require World Class Seals from the items listed. For example, in the image below you can harvest apple trees to find Apple Mastery Seals, and bake Apple Pies to find Apple Pie Mastery Seals. You do not need Apple Mastery Seals to collect Apple Pie Masteries, you simply need to bake Apple Pies for a chance at an Apple Pie Mastery Seal.
**Not every Apple tree will give you an Apple Mastery Seal, as they are a little rare. This goes for all items that drop seals, you will need to keep harvesting, or crafting items to find them.
This is what it will look like to get the Apple Mastery Seals.
Once you have completed a portion of the mastery you will see a star above your quest manager on the lower left of your game. Tap it to open up the Mastery Building.

There are 3 tiers in each mastery. You will need to complete both tasks (Apples and Apple Pies) to progress to the 2nd tier.
Once you reach the first star of the Apple Mastery you will earn 5% more coins whne you sell Apple Items. The 2nd star will decrease the harvest time, and the 3rd will increase your chance of harvesting extra apples. Each item you master will have a similar reward for that item (ex: corn, wool).

The book will open to display a city scene and show you how many stars you have earned for that mastery.

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