Tuesday, March 3, 2015

FarmVille 2 - Clover Cauldron

Clover Cauldron

Building the Clover Cauldron:

Main Page:

Crafting Four Leaf Clovers:

Harvest some Sunflowers (4/4) + Ask your friends for this Clover Stencil
= Four Leaf Clover Trios (3 Four Leaf Clovers)

Dry some White Lilies in your Crop Dryer (4/4) + Ask your friends for Green Dye
= Four Leaf Clover Pairs (2 Four Leaf Clovers)

Collecting Four Leaf Clovers:

• Harvest crops

• Feed Posts

Redeeming Rewards:



22 Four Leaf Covers = Flowering Luck

44 Four Leaf Covers = Lucky Patio

66 Four Leaf Covers = Red Pine Tree

88 Four Leaf Covers = Goodie Bag

* The consumables will not be added if the counter is at max.

Final Reward:

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