Thursday, March 12, 2015

FarmVille 2 - New Crafting Building Updates

Crafting is now easier! The Kitchen, the Workshop, and the Kiln have all been updated with a new menu, which will improve your crafting experience. See below for all of the details.

Note: The updated Crafting Menu is a complex feature, which touches many elements in the game. We will be slowly releasing this feature out to all players over the upcoming months. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding at this time.
If you are level 5 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on the "Check it out" button and you'll be taken to the updated Crafting Menu. 

Crafting Improvements - FarmVille 2

The New Crafting Menu:
The updated menu shows you all of the Ingredients you need for any particular Recipe:
New Crafting - FarmVille 2

A. The button to use when you want to craft that particular item. Note: This button will turn green if you have all of the resources required and will turn grey if you do not have all of the resources required to craft the Recipe(s).
B. The total Power required to craft that particular Recipe.
C. Click on this button to view the Basic Recipe Chain(s) of that particular item.
D. The number of that particular item you have in your Inventory, which counts towards an Order from the Order Board.
E. Click on this button to return to the main menu of that particular Crafting Building.
F. Click on this button to request help from your Co-op.
G. The number of that particular Ingredient you have in your Inventory. A green checkmark will indicate that you have enough of the required Ingredients in your Inventory, which includes the Basic Recipe Ingredients. Note: If you do not have that Ingredient in your Inventory, click on the blue button to work towards obtaining it (e.g. Plant, Feed, Post, Ask, Do Job, or other action).
H. The number of Power you have available to use for crafting.
I.   Click on this button to purchase Power.

Additional Information:
  • Clicking on the “Make #” button will automatically use the Ingredient(s) displayed below the Recipe. This also includes the Basic Recipe Ingredients.
  • The Crafting Building will automatically use the available Power from your Windmill or Furnace if you run out while crafting.
  • If you do not have enough Power to craft the entire Recipe (including the basic Recipes), the game will let you know via a popup.

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