Friday, April 29, 2016

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Mother's Day Guide

Mother's Day is just around the corner and this will be Heidi's first Mother's Day! Help make it memorable by surprising her with a visit from her Mom and Grandma for the special occasion!
If you are at least level 13, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Mother's Day Event! You will need to force close the game to see the update, which means to clear it from your mobile device's memory. You may even need to reboot your device.

Note: You will need to reach  level 14 to unlock phase 3 , and  level 18 to play phases 4 and 5 .
Find and complete the special Mother's Day event items on or before May 15, 2016 to get the exclusive, limited-time participation of Heidi's Grandma Betty in your farm!
Temporary Place of Interest: Mother's Garden
The Mother's Garden is a temporary area that will drop the different items needed in each recipe. For example, it will drop Fresh Thyme, which you will need in Phase 1.
Temporary Farm Hands: Heather Heatley and her Poodle
You have the option to purchase Heidi's Mom, Heather Heatley, who pretty much looks like her daughter and/or her pet poodle, Princess, as Farm Hands to help you out in the Baby on Board Event. They will give you a higher chance of finding rare event items and more! Please be aware that they are temporary, and will leave your farm when the event ends.
New Items and where to get it:
Phase 1
Fresh Thyme - Mother's Garden, Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, or Pier
Phase 2
Lavender - Mother's Garden
Cream Cheese - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, or Pier
Phase 3
Mustard Seed - Mother's Garden
Bowl of Greens - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, or Pier
Phase 4
Vibrant Wildflowers - Mother's Garden
Floral Ribbon - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, or Pier
Phase 5
Dried Flower - Mother's Garden
Polished Oak - Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, Merryweather Mine, or Pier
Event Recipes and where to make them:
Phase 1
Scrambled Eggs - Stovetop
Phase 2
Lavender Ice Cream - Dairy
Caramel Cheesecake - Stovetop
Phase 3
Dijon Mustard - Windmill
Strawberry Shake - Dairy
Potato Salad - Stovetop
Spring Salad - Stovetop
Finger Sandwich - Dinner Oven
Phase 4
Flower Necklace - Craft Workstation
Beautiful Bouquet - Craft Workstation
Strawberry Roses - Windmill
Potpourri Sachet - Loom
Phase 5
Framed Picture - Craft Workstation
Heart Pillow - Loom
Flower Monogram - Craft Workstation
Elaborate Quilt - Craft Workstation
Thyme for Breakfast 1 of 3
  • Visit the Picnic Place
  • Find 2 Flower Food
  • Send Farm Hands to Mother's Garden once
Thyme for Breakfast 2 of 3
  • Collect 6 Cow's Milk
  • Gather 4 Peaches
  • Gather 6 Chives
Thyme for Breakfast 3 of 3
  • Make 3 Country Biscuits
  • Craft 2 Herb Butters
  • Make 2 Peach Yogurt
Treats for Mom 1 of 3
  • Send Farm Hands to Grandma's Glade once
  • Find 4 Cream Cheese
  • Make 2 Carrot Cakes
Treats for Mom 2 of 3
  • Collect 3 Lavender
  • Gather 6 Carrots
  • Make 3 Lavender Ice Cream
Treats for Mom 3 of 3
  • Make 4 Butters
  • Make 10 Flours
  • Make 4 Strawberry Shortcakes
Picnic Prep 1 of 3
  • Collect 4 Cow's Milk
  • Make 4 Dijon Mustard
  • Gather 6 Tomatoes
Picnic Prep 2 of 3
  • Collect 3 Flower Food
  • Send Farm Hands to Mother's Garden twice
  • Make 2 Finger Sandwiches
Picnic Prep 3 of 3
  • Harvest 6 Strawberries
  • Make 4 Strawberry Shakes
  • Make 2 Potato Salads
Flower Spectacular 1 of 3
  • Send Farm Hands to Merryweather Mines twice
  • Find 3 Vibrant Wildflowers
  • Gather 2 Floral Ribbons
Flower Spectacular 2 of 3
  • Send Farm Hands to Mother's Garden thrice
  • Harvest 12 Strawberries
  • Make 3 Strawberry Roses
Flower Spectacular 3 of 3
  • Find 3 more Vibrant Wildflowers
  • Gather 3 more Floral Ribbons
  • Make 2 Flower Necklaces
Mom's Day Gifts 1 of 3
  • Send Farm Hands to Mother's Garden thrice
  • Gather 8 Blackberries
  • Collect 4 Quartz
Mom's Day Gifts 2 of 3
  • Send Farm Hands to Merryweather Mines for metals twice
  • Find 4 Polished Oaks
  • Gather 4 Wools
Mom's Day Gifts 3 of 3
  • Make 3 Flower Monograms
  • Make 2 Framed Pictures
  • Make 2 Heart Pillows

Thursday, April 28, 2016

10 FREE Water - FarmVille2

Today is the ‪#‎NationalSuperheroDay‬ and since you're your Farm's resident superhero, we want you to have 10 FREE water.‪#‎FarmVille2OnWeb‬

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FarmVille 2 - Spring Maypole - Guide

Let's bring an old tradition back that most of us grew up with. Dancing around a Maypole! Not to mention the festivities that go with it. Let's host a Maypole Dance on your Farm and get an adorable Baby Red Spotted Shorthorn Mini Cow in return.
If you are level 15, the "Come What Maypole!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place
" button to start this feature.


Collect all the building materials needed:


Then, ask your friends to be your builder or hire them to complete the building:


This is how the Maypole would look like once completed:


You can view the main menu by clicking on the Maypole:


Collect Ribbon Wands to earn awesome rewards. There are three ways to collect Ribbon Wands. First is to craft goods:


Note: Each crafted goods will reward you with a specific number of Ribbon Wands.
If you have enough crafting materials, you can click on "Make 1" to get the crafted goods and the corresponding number of Ribbon Wands.


If you do not have enough materials, you can ask your Co-op for help:


Another way to earn Ribbon Wands is to ask your Friends for it:


Lastly, you can purchase Ribbon Wands by using your Farm Bucks:


Get awesome rewards upon reaching certain milestones. A green check mark will show you your progress:


There are three tabs for Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. Each week has a different set of rewards:
Week 1: Earn Water and Plumbago Patches
Week 2: Earn Salt and Maple Lanterns
Week 3: Earn Baby Bottles and Mayflower Walls


Different crafted goods will also be unlocked for each week. Click on the left or right arrowheads to scroll through the other goods that you can craft:


So let's get those Ribbon Wands and dance around the Spring Maypole!

Monday, April 25, 2016

FarmVille 2 - Shower your farm with Purple Garden Mums!

Shower your farm with Purple Garden Mums LE - FarmVille 2

Make your Farm bloom with the help of "Shower your farm with Purple Garden Mums!" Limited Edition items! Visit your General Store to find out more about these and see the details below for more information on this game update. Don't forget to share with us your favorite item!
Farm as though you will live forever.

New Limited Edition Trees:  
  • Gandaria Tree - 13 Farm Bucks
  • Portia Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
  • Heirloom Gandaria Tree - 26 Farm Bucks
  • Heirloom Portia Tree - 25 Farm Bucks
  • Yellow Nut Tree - 12 Farm Bucks
  • Heirloom Yellow Nut Tree - 25 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Decorations:
  • Environment Love Fence - 15 Farm Bucks
  • Earth Day Lamp Post - 10 Farm Bucks
  • Loving Earth Pavers - 10 Farm Bucks
  • Beautiful World Centerpiece - 15 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals:        
  • Santa Gertrudis Mini Cow - 43 Farm Bucks
  • Black Irish Painted Donkey - 43 Farm Bucks
  • Algarvia Goat - 38 Farm Bucks
  • Baby Santa Gertrudis Mini Cow - 30 Farm Bucks
  • Baby Algarvia Goat - 21 Farm Bucks
  • Baby Black Irish Painted Donkey - 30 Farm Bucks
  • Baby Silver Grey Alpaca - 28 Farm Bucks
  • Silver Grey Alpaca - 41 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Crops:
  • Purple Garden Mums - 48 Coins, used in Recipes

Crafting Kitchen Recipes:
  • Sambal Gandaria - Gandaria + Black Pepper, sells for 2460 Coins
  • Syrupy Gandaria - Gandaria + Apple Juice, sells for 3990 Coins

Crafting Workshop Recipes:
  • Potted Purple Garden Mums - Purple Garden Mum + Eggshell Glaze, sells for 500 Coins
  • Portia Floral Vase - Portia + China Clay, sells for 500 Coins
  • Purple Garden Mums Corsage - Purple Garden Mum + Wool Thread Spindle, sells for 2450 Coins
  • Purple Garden Mums Bouquet - Purple Garden Mum + Sunflower, sells for 2450 Coins

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Free 10 Fuel - FarmVille 2

Free 10 Fuel - FarmVille 2

Friday, April 22, 2016

10 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

The Yellow sunlight alone won't cut it. More Blue water for your sea of Green! Get 10 FREE water! Click the link

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

1 Favor 10 pack - FarmVille 2

1 Favor 10 pack - FarmVille 2

FarmVille 2 - I've acquired all land expansions in my farm. Is that it?

Leveling up in the game gets more exciting when you know that you can expand your farm more, which is why we are happy to introduce four new expansion plots for your farm!

The newest land expansions that you can purchase is located at the farthest left area of your farm. It starts from the side of the road down to a new area beside the Mallard mill.

The expansion starts near the leftmost part of the road.

The last expansion is in a new area by the river and the Mallard Mill

How can I purchase all four plots?

Unlike before, where you can purchase plots of land adjacent that what you have purchased. New plots of land will only unlock in a linear form. This means that you need to purchase the uppermost plot first, followed by the one below until you reach the fourth expansion.

Second plot will only be unlocked once the first plot of land is purchased

You will be prompted by this message if you do not meet the requirements

In addition to these 4 new plots of land, we are also excited to tell you about the new "Streak" feature when unlocking lands (starting with the Level 32 expansion).

What is the Streak feature?

The Streak feature allows you to purchase the next expansion at a lower price within a given time. Once the countdown timer expires, prices will revert back to its normal price, and you must need to reach the level thresholds to purchase these plots with Coins alone.

When will my Streak Sale expire?

The Streak Sale will be available in your farm for 14 days, while the 4 newest plots of land will be on Streak Sale for 30 days. This gives you enough time to reach the next level thresholds.

So what are you waiting for? Level up and expand your farm now!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape 2nd Annual Airshow Event

The 2nd Annual Airshow is here! This time, Eagle Eye Eddie’s twin brother, Hawkeye Harry, is making the trip to the farm to surprise his brother. The farm is coming together to prep his plane so he can make his grand entrance during the stunt show, and see that surprised look on his brother!
If you are at least level 12, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Annual Airshow Event! You may have to force close the game to see the update, which means to clear it from your mobile device's memory. You may also need to reboot your device.
The event starts on Wednesday, April 13, and will have 2 stages; each 6 days in length. Complete the Annual Airshow, and compete with farmers all over the world for the top leaderboard position! Quests will reward you with Pilot Points, so be sure to complete as many as you can.
Start off the quests by visiting the Event Green located behind Eagle Eye Eddie's airplane. It will be dressed with a searchlight,  an audience bleacher , a flight control tower, and a podium for the winners of the airshow. You will see 3 orders at a time which can either be harvested (crops), or crafted. Each item requested will have a different timer that will allow you to get the items needed.
Tip: Check the Farm Stand often to see if your friends are selling what you need.
Pilot Wings Boost:
There will be two types of Boost during the Annual Airshow event: the Silver Pilot Wing, and the Gold Pilot Wing. Use these boosts to increase the amount of Pilot points by 50% using coins, or by 100% using keys.  There will be a timer once a boost is activated and a short cool-down period when you can buy another boost. Boosts will last 1 hour, and you can only select one boost at a time. (prices subject to change based on level) 
The second tab will show you the leaderboard that you are in. Not everyone you know will be in the same leaderboard. The leaderboard tab will tell you which prize category you are currently in (Gold, Silver, or Bronze). You can also see how you rank among your friends. To be fair to all, you will be in a leaderboard with others that are similar level. While viewing the leaderboard, you will now be able to see which Farmers are using boosts.  
You will see 3 different rewards that are broken into tiers. Hawkeye Harry will permanently stay in your farm if you are among the top (gold) position of your leaderboard on the final day of the 1st or 2nd stage. If you are in the middle position (Silver Cup level) you will earn *2 Gold Stamps, 2 Padlocks & 10 Keys, and if you are casually playing and land on the lowest tier (bronze) you will earn *1 Silver Stamp, 1 Padlock & 5 Golden Gloves!
*1st and 2nd stage rewards are the same for silver and bronze tiers.
There are 2 chances to win the prizes. **The second stage will repeat the rewards shown below, allowing you to get another shot at Hawkeye Harry. If you get him on first stage of the Airshow, Hawkeye Harry will become a decorated pilot if you land on the top spot of the second stage. Decorated Hawkeye Harry will be an upgrade to the existing Hawkeye Harry, not a second Farm Hand. The upgraded Hawkeye Harry will have keener senses and will give you better chances for Event items in select future events.
**You will only be able to earn one of the rewards, not all three! The higher you get on the leaderboard will determine what reward you will receive on the last day of the event! To earn the Decorated Hawkeye Harry, you have to place in the Top 5 of your Leaderboard for both stages of the Event.
Temporary Place of Interest: Airshow Hangar:
The Airshow Hangar is a temporary attraction that will stay in your farm until the event is over. In order to explore this aviation attraction, players will need to craft Mechanic's Munchies at the Stovetop. A trip inside the Hangar can accommodate 4 Farm Hands, and will last an hour.
Temporary Farm Hands: Flight Mechanic Rosie & Pilot Penelope
You can purchase the Flight Mechanic Rosie, and Pilot Penelope as temporary Farm Hands. They can help you find those rare 2nd Annual Airshow event items, and will leave once the Event is over! 
New items needed and where to locate it:
Sugar Dough - Airshow Hangar, Grandma's Glade, Prized Animals
Aged Cheddar - Airshow Hangar, Merryweather Mine
Heavy Cloth - Airshow Hangar, Pappy's Pond, Mill, Cove
** Tip: Crafted items that contain these event items will be have higher Pilot Points! Make sure to have plenty of these event items to help you move up on the leaderboard!
QUESTS: (quantities of items below are subject to change)
There are 6 Quests in this event. Tap on the Quest Manager on the lower left of your game to find quests. Completing these quests will reward you with Pucker Points, so be sure to finish as many as you can!
2nd Annual Airshow 1 of 6
• Send Farm Hands to the Airshow Hangar
• Use a Boost to speed ahead
• Earn 250 Pilot Points
2nd Annual Airshow 2 of 6
• Collect 2 Sugar Dough
• Gather 2 Aged Cheddar
• Craft 6 Flour
2nd Annual Airshow 3 of 6
• Make 2 Chili Cheese Fries
• Craft 3 Grilled Cheese
• Make 2 Cheese & Crackers
2nd Annual Airshow 4 of 6
• Bake 3 Apple Muffins
• Whip up 5 Quick Bread
• Bake 3 Cookies
2nd Annual Airshow 5 of 6
• Fulfill 8 Event Orders
• Earn 750 Pilot Points
• Use 2 more Boosts to speed ahead
2nd Annual Airshow 6 of 6
• Make 8 Binoculars
• Make 6 Flight Packs
• Craft 4 Mechanic's Vests

FarmVille 2 - Foe-rry Friends!

What's better than getting a Yak? Getting a Yak and a Chicken! Complete the Yak Play Area’s Chicken and Yak tasks to claim these two amazing animals
If you are level 15 or higher, the "Foe-rry Friends!" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Yak Play Area" button to get started:

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

Collect the needed building materials in order to complete your Yak Play Area.

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

Get help from your friends to finish the building!

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

In order to claim the Yak and the Chicken, you must do three separate tasks for each animal. For the Yak, here are the tasks that needs to be completed:

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

The first task requires you to complete building your Yak Play Area. The second one can be done by completing Quests from the Yak Shaving line of Quests. Completing Quests that aren't included in the 'Yak Shaving Quests’ won't be counted. Lastly Knitted Horn Covers can be crafted from the Crafting Workshop.

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

Complete all three tasks to get the Yak!

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

In order to train the Chicken and adopt it on to your farm, click on the "Train the Chicken!" button in order to switch to the next set of tasks.

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

Note: you can toggle between the two to buttons anytime to complete tasks to your preference.
For the Chicken, here are the set of tasks to be completed:

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

All three items can be crafted from the Crafting Workshop. Here are the items needed for the Chicken Harness:

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

For the Twine Friendship Band:

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

And lastly, for the Chicken Treat Ball:

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

Once you have finished the tasks, you can now adopt the Chicken!

Foe-rry Friends - FarmVille 2

Now let's head on over to our farms to get started on those tasks that will get us a magnificent Yak and a well-trained Chicken!