Tuesday, January 31, 2017

FarmVille 2 - Ferret Play Pool!

Gus found a baby Cinnamon Ferret that fell in love with a baby European River Otter! Keep them both on your farm and help them feel at home by building a Ferret Play Pool!
If you are level 15 or higher, the “Love Ferreternity!” popup will appear. Click on the “Place Ferret Play Pool” button to start this feature.

Ferret Play Pool  - FarmVille 2

Collect all materials to begin building the pool.


Then, ask friends to help finish it or hire builders.


Once the building is complete, your Ferret Play Pool will look like this.


Click on the building to view the menu. There are two tasks to complete in order to get the animals:“Welcome the Ferret!” and “Appease the Otter!”


For “Welcome the Ferret!” tasks, you need to get 5 sets of Training Balls and craft 5 Secret Toy Baskets.
To collect Training Balls, you have to complete 5 quests from “A Corny Love Story!” line of quests. Begin completing the quests by clicking on the “Go To Quest!” button on the menu.


You can also access “A Corny Love Story!” by clicking on its icon on the left-hand corner of your screen.


To begin crafting Secret Toy Baskets, click on the “Make It!” button in the menu.


The Crafting Workshop will open and you’ll see the materials needed to make the toys. If you do not have enough materials, you can always post for help or call your Co-op!


Once you’ve collected all the Training Balls and Secret Toy Baskets, you can now welcome the baby Cinnamon Ferret on your farm!


For “Appease the Otter” tasks, three types of items must be crafted: 5 Crochet Ferret Toys, 5 Felt Burlap Pillows, and 5 Play Pebbles. Begin making these items by clicking on each of the “Make It!” buttons.


Once you craft all of the items, the baby European Otter can join his friend on your farm.


Who wouldn’t want to have the first ferret on their farm? Go ahead, build your pools and adopt these animals!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

FarmVille 2 - Rodeo Arena!

What do Cowboy Hats, Mechanical Bulls and Bronco Riding remind you of? The Rodeo, of course! Sounds fun, right? Help Marie set up a Rodeo Arena and you just might get Farmville’s very first baby White Ferretas a reward.
If you are level 15 or above, the "Let’s Get this Show on the Rodeo!" popup will appear. Click on the "Start Building" button to begin this feature.

Rodeo Arena! - FarmVille 2

First, collect all the materials needed to build the Rodeo Arena then click the “Start Building” button.


Next, ask your friends to help you build it or hire them using Farmbucks.


The Rodeo Arena will be automatically placed outside your Farm and this is how it would look like.


Click the Rodeo Arena to see the menu and start completing the Week 1 Quest.


There are 4 Quests for each week. Complete each quests and a Check Mark will show your progress. Once you've completed all four Quests from Week 1, you can redeem the Wild West Wind Vane as your reward. Complete the bonus Quest to get more rewards!


We know you’re excited to complete the next set of Quests and earn rewards. Don’t fret! They will be unlocked in the coming weeks.


Additional decorations will be added to the Rodeo Arena every time you complete the Quests for each week.


And after completing all the Quests for each week, you can watch a cool animation where you and your friends gather for the Rodeo event.


Let’s get the Rodeo Arena ready and let’s ride ‘em, Cowboy!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

10 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

Don't let your crops wither! So let's give life to everything by getting more #Water💦! Click the link below to get 10 Free Water💦 and don't forget to share this with your fellow farmers!😊👍#FarmVille2onWeb

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Friday, January 20, 2017

10 FREE Water - FarmVille 2

Howdy Farmers! Here's 10 FREE Water to make sure all your crops are properly hydrated! Make sure that you share it with fellow farmers 🌞#FarmVille2OnWeb #TBT
FREE Water link 💧💦 http://zynga.my/19J10W

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

FarmVille 2 - The Rich Order Board!

Guess what Marie recently discovered! Rich produce! Yes, you read that right. She discovered that we can now harvest rich produce from our Farms. All you need to do is fertilize your crops and trees and Super-Feed your animals. Let’s work on getting rich produce and get awesome rewards and a beautiful Wagon Shed.
If you are level 50 or above, the "Introducing an All-New Rich Order Board" popup will appear. Click on the "Let’s Go!" button to begin this feature.

The Rich Order Board! - FarmVille 2

Complete orders to earn points. You need at least 3000 Rich Points to get the final reward.


Make any pattern of four orders - horizontally, vertically, or diagonally for extra 150 Rich Points. Your order board will refresh when you do this.


You’ll get to open one Gift Box that contains exciting rewards, every time you complete a pattern. Simply choose and click the Gift Box to open it.


Making multiple pattern on the same board will give you more Rich Points and Gift Boxes to open.


Make any two patterns on the same board and get 350 extra Rich Points plus 2 Gift Boxes. Make three patterns on the same board and get 650 extra Rich Points plus 3 Gift Boxes.
You can also purchase ‘Mist’ to increase the number of points you get per order to get you ahead of the game! There are different levels of Mist that keep giving you more points.
Amazing, isn’t it?


Click the “View Ingredients” button to see the ingredients required for each orders.


You can always go back to the main menu by clicking the “Back” button.


There are only certain types of crops, trees, and animals that produce rich output. How would you know which crop, tree, or animal will produce rich outputs? Check the Market Stand if an item has a BLUE STAR (marked) beside it.


Want to know your current rank among other players? Check out the Leaderboard! You will also get a reward from the Leaderboard if you’re amongst the top 3 ranks.


Complete the tasks from the Bonus Cards to earn extra Rich Points. It will help you reach the target Rich Points faster.


Forgot? or need help on how the feature works? Click the “?” button.


Please note that the rich produce will only stay in your inventory for a limited period of time.


Sunday, January 15, 2017

FarmVille 2 - Sewing Booth!

The weather is too cold and Walter has a cold. Let’s keep him warm by making his old jacket a little more fluffier by using Soft Feathers from the Peacock and get a cute baby Baladi Rabbit as a reward.
If you are level 15 or above, the "Jacket of All Trades" popup will appear. Click on the "Place Sewing Booth" button to begin this feature.

Sewing Booth - FarmVille 2

Collect all the materials needed to build the Sewing Booth.


Then, invite your friends as builders or hire them using Farmbucks.


This is how it would look like when it’s finished.


The Sewing Booth requires Adult Peacocks on your Farm. A prompt window will pop up if you don’t have enough to let you know how many more Peacocks you still need. To see all the available Peacocks from the General Store, click the “See More Peacocks!” button.
Note: The more adult Peacocks you have, the more chances of getting rare feathers.

Click on the Sewing Booth to see the menu. There are sets of feather items that you need to complete: Feather Sleeve, Feather Hood, and Feather Lapel.


You will need Soft Feathers to make them. There are four easy ways to get them. First is by feeding your adult Peacocks.


Second is by crafting it in your Workshop. You will need Brown Feather and Lavender Oil to craft it. But if you’re lacking any of the materials needed, you can ask your friends for help or call your Co-op.


Third is by completing the “Skaters Gonna Skate” line of quest.


And lastly, by purchasing it using Farmbucks.


Now let’s make that soft and fluffy feather jacket and get that furry fluffy, little Rabbit!


Note: You can repeat the feature to get another baby Baladi Rabbit. Extra Soft Feather collected from a completed set won't go towards your Inventory and will not count for the next reward completion.