Monday, October 28, 2013

How to adjust your Animal Capacity after the removal of the Extra Shady Trough

Howdy Farmers!

With the recent removal of the Extra Shady Troughs that were inadvertently added, you might be confused about the state of the FarmVille 2 animals in your game. The result of this removal is that your current animal capacity may be over what is the new lower animal limit on your farm, if you maximized your capacity while having the extra Trough. You may find that you will be having problems with the existing animals on your farm after the Extra Shady Trough was removed.

We would like to clarify the result of removing the Extra Shady Trough in your games. Existing animals will not be removed or missing. You can still have those animals that went over your capacity after the removal.

To find out if your current population is over the limit, you can hover the pointer over any Water Trough. The numbers will show you your current amount and the current limit.

Example: This population reads 69 out of 55. The player won't be able to add new animals.
Here are some tips for getting your population back under the limit:

1. Once your animals become 'Prized', they will be helpful to store them inside their corresponding Prized Animal Storage. This applies to pigs, sheep, horses, rabbits, chickens, cows, and goats.
    (Note: You must store the Prized animal to your Inventory first before you can transfer them to their corresponding Prized Animal Storage.) 

2. If you do not have enough space inside your Prized Animal Storage, try to store those that are already 'Prized' or 'Blue Ribbon' to your Inventory then replace them with those that are newly 'Prized'. 

3. You have the option to Store the Prized animals to your Inventory if you are still planning on using them in the future.  You may also sell them for additional coins.

You can only add new animals to your farm if your current number of animals goes down below what your new limit should be (Example: 54/55). 


Since the Animal Capacity is now back to normal, we would like to remind you that our game is only limited to 6 Water Troughs and 1 Shady/Deluxe Shady Trough.

Initial Capacity =  10 (start of the game)
each Water Trough (6 max) = +5 capacity
Shady/Deluxe Shady Trough (1 max) = +10(+5) capacity

So, currently you can only have a maximum of 55 animals placed on your farm if you have all the Troughs available in the game.
Because the FarmVille 2 studio is always releasing new features, this animal limit could be raised in the future.

You can use this guide to get your farm back in order.

If this guide was helpful, there is no need to contact Zynga Player Support about this.

Happy Farming!

FarmVille 2 Support

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