Thursday, March 27, 2014

Baby Blocks from the Feeds is counting towards the Spring Baby Shower Feature

Howdy Farmers!

There is no need to worry, crafting or collecting Baby Blocks from the Feeds is counting towards the Spring Baby Shower Feature. Try refreshing your farm and check the counter.

Aside from crafting and collecting from Feeds, you can also ask for them by posting them on your wall and/or use your Farm Cash to purchase them (3 Farm Cash = 1 Baby Block).

Baby Blocks are very easy to obtain. One way to earn is to craft any of the bouquets listed below using your Craftshop.

Baby's Blush Bouquet:
Pink Anthurium Bushel - 3
avender Lily Bushel - 4
White Carnation Bushel - 3

Milkmaid Bushel - 4
Red Chrysanthemum Bushel - 4
Sunburst Orchid Bushel - 4

So Big Bouquet: 
Lily of the Valley Bushel - 5
Purple Poinsettia Bushel - 6
Purple Anthurium Bushel - 5

Crops required to craft Baby Blocks are not farm specific. You can plant them on all farms and you can use Super Fertilizer to obtain more Bushels. 


Here are the steps to check if the Baby Blocks are counting towards your Spring Baby Shower feature:

1. Before collecting blocks from your friends' feeds, access or open your Spring Baby Shower icon. 

2. Then we just need to browse our news feed and search for the posts by our neighbors. Tip: When you collect items, it will be easier if we open different tabs and then like the post of our friend to mark that we already collected this post. You can also open different tabs when collecting items to lessen the time to collect and then refresh the news feed to collect again.

3. This notification window will appear when you have successfully collected a baby block from your neighbor.

4. Log back in to your farm (if you logged out) or refresh the game. We will notice that the number increased. Collected Baby Blocks will not go to our Gift Box. You can only access it when you click the Spring Baby Shower icon on the right hand side of the game. 

When we have collected the required number of blocks, the Redeem Button will show up on above the cash requirement for each reward. 

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Happy Farming!

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