Wednesday, May 28, 2014

FarmVille 2 - Save Room And Increase Production With Feeding Troughs!

Feeding Troughs are here! Now you can feed your animals faster, get more resources, increase your feed capacity, AND save valuable space on your Farm!
Note: To ensure that FarmVille 2 remains an enjoyable experience for all of our players, we will be slowly releasing this feature over time. We expect all of our players will have access to this feature by Mid-June, 2014. Please know that this date is an approximation and is subject to change.
If you are level 25 or higher, you will see the following pop-up. Click on "Let's Go" and you'll be taken to the Upgrade Menu. 


From this menu, you can see that we have added 5 new Feeding Trough Upgrades; The Chicken Trough, Dairy Trough, Bird Trough, Wool & Fur Trough, and the Stable & Pig Trough. As you may have guessed, Each trough type will grant you bonuses for specific groups of animals. To see what these bonuses are, take a look at the details of the Trough Upgrades in your Upgrade menu. 


After you have selected the Trough you want, you will have to build it and add 5 Silos to the construction frame to complete it. If you do not have 5 Silos, you can purchase them from the General Store. 
Note: You only have to add 5 Silos to the first Trough you build. If you choose to build any extra Feeding Troughs, you do not need to add Silos to the construction frame to complete them.


Use the move tool to drop your Silos into the construction frame. 


Once your Feeding Trough is complete, a "hungry" icon will appear above it if you have animals of that type that need feeding. Clicking on your Trough will feed all hungry animals of that type with a single click!


Each of your Troughs can be upgraded to level 5 for additional resources and Feed capacity!

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