Friday, September 26, 2014

FarmVille 2 - How to Submit a Bug Report

Hi Farmers,

We want to make Farmville 2: Country Escape the best game there is and we need your help! If you found a pesky bug in your game please let us know. Here's some important information that we need from you in order to investigate this issue:

1. Identify the bugWhat is the issue that you are experiencing?
When did this happen?
What action/steps are you doing prior to this issue?(e.g., I did this and then I did that and this happened)

2. What is your player ID?
To get your Player ID, access the "gear" icon on the upper right had corner. 

Then, tap on the "Help" Tab and copy the numbers you are seeing.

3. What is the Game App Version you are using?
To check for your Game version, access the "gear" icon on the upper right had corner. Then, tap on Legal and copy the Version Number.

4. What is your Mobile Device and Model? (e.g., iPhone 5s 7.1, Samsung Note 3 SM-N9005)
For iOS:
Device Settings > General > About > Version

For Android:
Device Settings > About Phone 

5. Include a screenshot of your issue. This will help us identify the bug easier. 

Once you're done gathering these vital information, please send them to us. Thank you for your cooperation.

Have fun!

Farmville 2: Country Escape Support Team

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