Thursday, November 27, 2014

Have you reached the daily cap when collection Holiday Sparkles?

Howdy Farmers,

We understand that many are excited to own the unique birds from the Nutcracker Theater Collection, and have been hard at work in keeping their Holiday Eggs snug and warm. Farmers who help their neighbors each day have reported that they don't get the sparkles when they get the page stating they've claimed the maximum number of the reward. To clear up the confusion, the page appears once the player reaches the feed limit for the day.

Farmers who prefer to own the entire collection faster have the alternative to craft the Holiday Sparkles with the following bushels: 3 Gilded Flowers, 3 Purple Anthuriums, and 3 Glow Flowers.

Since the Nutcracker Theater is a fairly new feature without a deadline, its limits vary from others. We consider several factors when we set how many players can collect for a specific feature. Ultimately, we aim for our game to not only be enjoyable, but also challenging to make it interesting for our farmers.

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