Monday, May 11, 2015

Harvest Swap - How To: Hazards

Hey Farmer!

In Harvest Swap, there are Hazards in some levels that can really hinder your progress. Know more about them to plan out your next moves!

Bunnies (Carrots)

While these cute little Bunnies aren't really a hazard by themselves, they ARE taking up valuable space on your farm! Clear out the bunnies and send them on their way by harvesting Carrots. This will lure the bunnies out of their holes, where they'll munch a bunch of grass, get full, and go take a nap under a tree somewhere while you finish your farming!


Brrrr! Frost is a tricky hazard to work around, but with some practice, you can overcome it! The way to get rid of a Crop that's got Frost on top is to make a match that includes the Crop under the Frost. This will break the Frost apart and let you match the Crop underneath as normal!


Rocks can be cleared by making matches next to them. But be careful, sometimes you may encounter multiple layers of Rocks. These need multiple adjacent matches to clear out completely. Be sure to make those combos when you can; they will really help while clearing out Rocks!


Mud is one of the easier hazards to clear, but dagnabbit, there's usually a lot of it. Mud can come in one layer or two. Double layers of Mud become single layers once you match the Crop on top of the Mud. Single layers are cleared from the board when you match the Crop on top.

Hay Bales

What farm would be complete without a bunch of Hay Bales? The only problem is, clearing them out can take some time. To clear Hay Bales, simply make a match next to one. You’ll harvest the Crop and clear the Hay Bale. Now that wasn't so hard, was it?


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