Friday, June 12, 2015

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Camp FarmVille Challenge

The Camp FarmVille Challenge Event is here! Craft Camping Goods and turn them in for Camp Points! Climb the leaderboard by earning Campt Points! Earn a limited edition Norwegian Forest Cat Farm Hand and more!
If you are at least level 12, you will see a pop-up inviting you to the Camp FarmVille Challenge! You will probably have to force close the game to see the update, which means to clear it from your mobile device's memory. You may even need to reboot your device.  
The Event Grounds will be located behind Eagle Eye Eddie. You will see 3 orders at a time that either can be harvested (crops), or crafted. Each item requested will have a different timer to allow you time to get the items needed. Recipes with Event items will have higher point values. New Event items can be found by sending Farm Hands to the Glade, Pond, Pier, Mine, Mallard Mill, & Prized Animals.
Tip: Check the Farm Stand often to see if your friends are selling what you need.
On the upper right of the first tab of the Camp FarmVille Info (image above) is where you can easily access the Boosts available.  You can boost the amount of Basket points by 50% for coins (Free first time), or by 100% with keys. There will be a timer once a boost is activated. Boosts will last 1 hour, and you can only select one boost at a time. (Prices subject to change based on level). 

You will see 3 different rewards that are broken into tiers. If you are in the top (gold) portion of your leaderboard on the final day of the event, you will be rewarded with the Norwegian Forest Cat Farm Hand. If you are in the middle tier (silver) at the end of the event, you will receive Quartz & Golden Gloves. If you are in the lower tier (bronze), your reward will be Silver Stamps & Golden Gloves.  You will only receive one of the rewards at the end, not all three.
Each time you reach a certain # of Basket Points, you will get a Care Package with various rewards. Check the 3rd tab for the Meter. Some Care Packages will include Boosts!

The second tab will show you the leaderboard that you are in. Not everyone you know will be in the same leaderboard. The leaderboard tab and the lower left bar will tell you which prize category you are currently in (Gold, Silver, or Bronze). You can also see how you rank among your friends. To be fair to all, you will be in a leaderboard with others that are similar level. While viewing the leaderboard you will now be able to see which Farmers are using boosts. 
Camper Corner: There is a new temporary place to craft event items during this event called the Camper Corner

New item needed and where to locate it:
  • Maple Syrup: Explore Grandma's Glad, Prized Animals .
  • Pepper Jack Cheese: Explore Grandma's Glade, Pond
  • Construction Paper: Explore Mine, 
  • Nylon: Explore Mine, Pier
  • Birch Wood: Explore the Pond, Mill
**Tip: New Event Items will be worth higher Camp Points! Make sure to have plenty of new Event Items to help you move up on the leaderboard! 
QUESTS: (quantities of items below are subject to change) - Be sure to do quests, as they will reward you with Race Points upon completion
Camp FarmVille (1 of 6)
  • Make 4 Country Biscuits
  • Send Farm Hands to Grandma's Glade 4 times
  • Use a Boost (first one is free)
Camp FarmVille (2 of 6)
  • Collect 2 Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Find Maple Syrup 3 times
  • Earn 500 Camp Points
Camp FarmVille (3 of 6)
  • Make 4 Country Biscuits
  • Collect 4 Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Make Grilled Cheese
Camp FarmVille (4 of 6)
  • Make Farmer's Soup
  • Collect 2 Mint
  • Make a Postcard in the Camper Corner
Camp FarmVille (5 of 6)
  • Find Birch Wood
  • Make Strawberry Popsicle in Dairy
  • Make Bow & Arrow in Camper Corner
Camp FarmVille (6 of 6)
  • Earn 1000 Camp Points
  • Make a Wallet in Camper Corner
Camper Cameron: For the duration of the event you can purchase the Camper Cameron Farm Hand. He will help find the rare & special items you need during the Event. 

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