Tuesday, August 25, 2015

FarmVille 2: Country Escape - Is your All Mine Pin not giving Blanket and Granola Bar from the Merryweather Mine?

Howdy Farmers!
We have received reports that the All Mine Pin is not giving Blanket and Granola Bar even if its active after foraging from the Merryweather Mine.
We have been informed by Dr. Vivian that if you just send your Farm Dogs and/or Cats in the mine, they will eat the Granola Bar and tear the Blankets apart!
Dr Vivian also advised us that the All Mine Pin will only work if you will send at least 1 Human Farm Hand (e.g Johnny, Heidi, Trish, Dakota, etc.) in the Merryweather Mine. This is necessary so that the Farm Hand/s will accompany your Farm Dogs and Cats to safely collect the Granola Bar and Blanket in the mine.

Happy Farming!
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