Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Welcome to FarmVille, Rusty!

Yay! Rusty’s here! The famous lead singer of the Rusty Nails band, wants to learn how to handle animals and brush up on his farm skills. Let’s help by building a Farm Academy and collecting Lesson Notes. A baby Milking Shorthorn Cow awaits as your reward.
If you are level 15, the "Welcome to FarmVille, Rusty!" pop-up will appear. Click on the "Build Farm Academy" button and the building frame is automatically placed outside your farm near the foraging area.

Welcome to FarmVille, Rusty!  - FarmVille 2

To start building, collect all the materials you need.


Next, ask your friends to be builders or you can hire them.


The finished Farm Academy will look like this.


Click on the building to view the menu.


There are three ways to collect Lesson Notes. One way is to complete farm lessons. When choosing which farm lesson you would like Rusty to learn, please take note that each lesson gives out a different number of Lesson Notes.


Click on the lesson you’ve chosen to see the tasks that needs to be completed. To see the tasks for the other lessons, simply click on the left or right arrows.


After completing the tasks you’ll be given rewards that you can share.


You’ll also be able to watch while Rusty practice the farm skill that he needs to learn.


The two other ways to collect Lesson Notes are by asking your friends for help and by purchasing Lesson Notes.


You can keep track of how many Lesson Notes you’ve already collected by checking the counter at the lower left corner of the menu.


You start earning rewards when you’ve reached specific milestones.


20 Lesson Notes = 4 Musical Fences
55 Lesson Notes = Resource Pack
105 Lesson Notes = 4 Musical Fences
170 Lesson Notes = a baby Milking Shorthorn Cow
When you have collected enough Lesson Notes, you’ll be prompted to redeem and share your reward.


Rusty is very excited to learn new farm skills so start collecting Lesson Notes and get these awesome prizes!

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