Monday, January 27, 2014

Official Guide: Walkthrough: Beat Farm Challenges

Walkthrough: Beat Farm Challenges

One of the tasks is to complete the unique building in that specific farm. It may take time to complete it because the other tasks requires players to expand the unique building to a certain level, master most of the farm specific crops and craft/create animals from buildings.

Rewards given:

  • Shipping License
  • Statue or Trophy
  • Instagrows and unwither.
  • Farm Specific Points (Rainforest Points - Fields of El Dorado, Cheer Points - Mistletoe Lane, Light Points - Holiday Lights)

Example of a Beat Farm Window:

Upon completing the entire Challenge, the rewards except the light points go to their Gift Box.
To use the Shipping License, direct the players to go to their storage, click the Shipping License tab and then choose which one they already have then click the "Use" Button.

Happy Farming!   

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