Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Official Guide: Walkthrough: Unwither Ring FAQs

Walkthrough: Unwither Ring FAQs

Unwither Ring 

  • is a decoration that can either be purchased in the Market or received as gifts from neighbors that comes in different colors and placed in special unique boxes. It's main purpose is to prevent your crops from withering while you are away from your game. Rings are farm specific, it will only work on the farm it is meant to work and you can only place one (1) ring per farm. When you access your Gift Box, you will see the one for your farm is unlocked.

  • The box is still closed when you purchase it and by clicking it, the Open Option will appear and when you will see this notification:

  • The ring will go back to your Gift Box and you can place it anywhere in your farm.

  • The Options that you will see when you click on it are:

  • View Details - You can change the appearance of your Unwither Ring when you choose the option "View Details" and you can engrave a message on it.

  • Turn On/Off - the option you need to click when activating or deactivating the ring
  • Move - you can move the ring anywhere you want to.

Happy Farming!

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