Thursday, April 17, 2014

Country Escape Getting Started Guide

Welcome to the FarmVille 2: Country Escape Getting Started Guide. This guide will help you with the basics of the game, and help you with the first 4 levels. 
Click here for the FarmVille 2: Country Escape Basic Gameplay Guide, which will explain more aspects of the game. 
Marie will welcome you to the farm. She is a friend of your Gradparents' and will help you settle in. 
Marie: Country Escape
First you'll need to restore the Farm House by dragging the hammer onto the house to build it. Repeat this to restore the Barn, which will serve as your inventory. 
Restore Farm House
Each day you will receive a Hope Chest in front of your Farm House. Open it up to find awesome rewards!  You will find more of these chests scattered around the farm as you expand!
Hope Chest
Water runs freely on your farm, but you will need to collect frequently for your crops and trees. You can get water from wells and the cove. Drag the water onto your crops and trees so they can grow!
Your Farm Order Board is where you can easily sell your goods to earn coins and XP. If you have items being asked for on the Farm Order board you will see a green checkmark. If you don't like the order being asked for, simply click the X above the order and a new order will appear in a few minutes. 
The Farmer's Almanac is where you will find your quests. Find the Almanac on the lower left of your game screen. Quests can help you progress through the game, and give you great rewards such as XP and Keys!
The General Store is located on the lower left of your game screen. You can find Crops, Animals, Workshops, and Decorations for sale in the General Store.
The first Workshop you will place on your farm is the Windmill. Open the General Store to the Workshop tab, find the Windmill, hold it and drag it onto your farm. You will craft Flour and Sugar in the Windmill. TIP: Workshops do not require any building supplies to complete! Simply place the Workshop and a timer will let you know whe it'll be ready for use.

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