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Country Escape Guide - FarmVille 2

Welcome to the FarmVille 2: Country Escape Basic Gameplay Guide. Find everything you need to know about playing FarmVille 2: Country Escape here!
  • Coins - You will need lots of Coins to purchase items in FarmVille 2: Country Escape. Earning Coins can be done in many ways, such as the Farm Order Board, selling goods to friends, and more!
  • Keys - Keys are a premium currency. You will start off with a bunch of Keys that you can use to help purchase items in the General Store or speed up various parts of the game. You can earn Keys by completing certain quests, and you might even find some in Hope Chests!
  • Stamps - At level 16 you will meet Eagle Eye Eddie. Fill Eddie's daily orders to earn Stamps, which are needed to purchase Prized Animals. 
Unlike FarmVille 2 on the web, water in Country Escape flows freely! When you run out of water, simply tap the well, pond, or the cove anytime you need water. You can store up to 20 waters, but they don't take up any inventory space. You can also send water to your web farm, after reaching level 5 in Country Escape! Be on the lookout for the red pickup truck to send goods back and forth to your web farm!
The Farmer's Almanac is where you will find your quests. Find the Almanac on the lower left of your game screen. Quests can help you progress through the game, and give great rewards such as XP and Keys!
Upgrading your Barn
As you progress in the game, you will need more space in your Barn to store your goods. To upgrade your Barn you will need Coins, and other items, such as Nails and Padlocks. Nails and Padlocks can be found while Foraging in Grandma's Glade, or other areas, such as Pappy's Pond, the Mine or Pier. Tap on the Upgrade Storage box inside the Barn to see what you need to get more space!

Farm Order Board
Your Farm Order Board is where you can easily sell your goods to earn Coins and XP. If you have items being asked for on the Farm Order Board you will see a green checkmark. If you don't like the order being asked for, simply click the X above the order and a new order will appear in a few minutes.

Farm Hands
Send your Farm Hands to work at Grandma's Glade, Pappy's Pond, and other locations around your farm to find the rarest and most valuable goods! Use the Farm House to keep track of your Farm Hands! Your Farm Hands relax and unwind here when you don't have them busy exploring and working elsewhere on your farm.
Farm Stand
The Farm Stand lets you sell the goods you make on your farm to any other player in the game, anywhere in the world! You can also use the Farm Stand to buy goods you need quickly from other players. Need one more Blackberry to make a pie? See if there's one for sale at the Farm Stand!
Buying Goods
You can buy goods from friends, members of your Co-Op or anyone playing around the world after level 7! You can find the Buy Goods button inside the Farm Stand, or buy taping your mailbox. To find goods from friends or Co-Op friends, tap on the tab with the people icon. The globe icon will show you players from anywhere in the world that are selling goods. This section will update every few minutes!
buy goods
Neighbor Visits
Once you reach level 6 you will be able to visit your friends' farms! Tap on the smiley face icon on the lower right of your game screen. Any friend you have on Facebook that is playing FarmVille 2: Country Escape will appear on your neighbor bar. Tap any of your friends to visit their farm. Once you are on their farm, you will have the option to fertilize up to 5 of their crops, trees or animals. 
Friendship Fertilizer
When visiting neighbors you will use Friendship Fertilizer to give your friend's crops, trees, and animals a boost! Your friends will get extra goods when harvesting their fertilized crops, trees or animals. 

Speed Seed
Speed Seed will help you speed up your crops, trees, and animals and make them ready to be harvested instantly. You can ask for Speed Seed from your friends by tapping on the Speed Seed icon on the top left of your game. You can send Speed Seed to your friends every day by tapping your mailbox located behind your Farm House. 
Expansions and Clearables
Similar to FarmVille 2 on the web, you will be able to expand your farm as you level up and need room. When a plot of land is ready to be purchased, you will see a green checkmark appear on the "for sale" sign. Simply tap the expansion plot and drag the coins onto the spot you want to expand to. Some expansions have items that need to be cleared with shovels. You can obtain shovels from the Toolshed, which can be found in the Workshops tab of the General Store.
Web Connected Farm
When you reach level 5 in Country Escape, you will be able to send goods to your web (Facebook) FarmVille 2 farm. Your web farm must be at least level 8 to receive goods. Send water, sugar, and more to your farm by filling up the red pickup truck located on your farm's roadway. Visit your web farm to collect your goods, and send goods back to your Country Escape farm!
Prize Wheel
When you reach level 7 you will unlock the Prize Wheel. Spin the Prize Wheel every day for awesome prizes! If you want extra spins you can invite friends to the game, which will give you extra spins forever!

Reach level 11 to unlock Co-Ops. You will be able to either join an existing Co-Op or create your own! To access Co-Ops, tap on the sign-post behind your Mailbox. You can search for Co-Ops, create a new one, or see who is in your Co-Op if you are already a member of one.  Once you are a member of a Co-Op, you can chat with others, and request Helping Hands to help you explore Farm Scenes.  
Exploring Farm Scenes
When you reach level 8 you will unlock Grandma's Glade. Send your Farm Hands to Grandma's Glade to find rare items, such as Blackberries, Chives and Nails. 
There are many Farm Scenes all around your farm. As you expand and level up, you can unlock more Farm Scenes where your Farm Hands can find different rare items in. 
When you reach level 12 you can unlock Pappy's Pond. A new Farm Hand, Dakota will join your farm to help you catch Bass & Trout from Pappy's Pond. If you're in a Co-Op you can request a Helping Hand to help you fish!

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