Monday, June 9, 2014

Curious About My Family Farm?

Last week we announced My Family Farm, an add-on to FarmVille 2 that introduces you to your childhood sweetheart, and unlocks an all new way to play! 
Tons of great content will be unveiled on 6/26, and today we are excited to show you what some of that content will look like.
We sat down with Alex, My Family Farm's Senior Producer, to discuss the creative process behind the all-new Family Farm House!

 The Creation of the Family Farm House

"One of the big new additions to FarmVille 2 is the Family Farm House.
The Family Farm House is not just a place to grow your family, but also where you teach them how to do farming jobs like crop care, tree care, baby animal care, etc. (Awesome because they use their own water, fertilizer, baby bottles, etc. instead of yours!)
We knew that it was super important to get the Family Farm House right, so we turned to our concept artists to help find just the right look, inspire the design behind adding Family to the farm.
Early concept sketches for what the Family Farm House would look like started with drawings that used real farms houses as reference. Looking at these early concepts we realized that we wanted to add more details and decorations to the house, and that no Farm House would really be complete without a nice cozy porch for the family to relax together on after a long day taking care of the farm.

"...we wanted to add more details and decorations to the house..." 
Concept 1

The next step focused on visualizing a porch that would accommodate an entire family, and give us a place for the farm-job-teaching UI (user interface).
As you can see, the porch and the house was widened by quite a bit. There were also a lot more details added to the architectural design of the house, bringing it closer to the Craftsman style you see in many of the other buildings in the game.
Even without color, this sketch is already starting to give the Family Farm House a much more cozy feel, and you can imagine a family living happily in it.

"The next step focused on visualizing a porch that would accommodate an entire family."
Concept 2

Below is a rendering of the final version of the exclusive early unlock house. More details have been added, like the stained glass in the upper windows, the stone work in the chimney and foundation, and decorations like flowers, pillows, and rugs on the porch to help really bring the Family Farm House to life. We hope players will really enjoy their Family Farm House!

"The final version of the exclusive early unlock house."
Concept 3

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