Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Wedding Reception Wagon

The Wedding Reception Wagon

Build your Wedding Reception Wagon and start crafting Wedding Satchels to earn rewards.

Craft Wedding Satchels and invite Friends to get RSVPs. RSVPs are tickets to redeem rewards.

This menu shows how many RSVPs you have collected and what prizes you are currently eligible to redeem.

A - The total amount of RSVPs you have. You earn RSVPs by gifting Wedding Satchels to your Friends. This number keeps counting up, even as you redeem prizes.

B - The button to use when you want to craft Flower Petal Satchel and gift to your Friends (earn RSVPs).

C - The number of Farm Bucks required to purchase a prize.

D - The amount of RSVPs you will receive once a Friend has accepted that particular Wedding Satchel.

E - The total amount of that particular Satchel you can craft or which is ready to gift to your Friends.

- If you want to invite your Friends over and gift them a Wedding Satchel, click on this button and a request will post to your feed and let you send request to Friends.

Crafting Wedding Satchels:

In order to earn RSVPs, you must craft the Wedding Satchels and invite your Friends over to pick up their Wedding Satchels. You can craft your very own Wedding Satchels via the Wedding Reception Wagon.

Flower Petal Satchel Recipe

The required ingredients are Cornflowers and Sunflowers.

Confetti Petal Satchel Recipe

The required ingredients are Wool and Streamers. 
To get wool, feed your Adult Sheep and Rabbits (feeding Prized Sheep and Rabbits do not count). Streamers can be posted on the Newsfeed.

Bubble Wand Satchel
The required ingredients are Jar of Bubbles and Strawberries. You can Ask your Friends for Jar of Bubbles.

Collecting RSVPs

To get RSVPs, you will need to enlist the help of your Friends. From the Wedding Reception Wagon menu, click on the “invite” button to send requests to your Friends. Some other Friends will visit your farm from time to time and accept a Wedding Satchels gift too!

Note: If you do not wish to wait, you can purchase these visitors and/or individual RSVP for Farm Bucks from the Wedding Reception Wagon menu.

When RSVPs appear on your farm after a Friend has accepted a Wedding Satchel gift, click on them and you will see the following pop-up:

Redeeming RSVPs for Prizes:

You can redeem the following four prizes with RSVPs:

  • Wedding Dresser
  • Candlestick Lantern
  • White Willow Tree
  • Wedding Ice Sculpture

Note: Redeeming RSVPs for any of the Wedding Satchel prizes will not deduct from your RSVPs count total (your RSVP count will not decrease).

These prizes can be redeemed multiple times in a row, as long as you have enough RSVPs. Once you have collected enough RSVPs to reach the end of the meter, you will earn the Baby Thrianta Rabbit!

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