Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Farmville 5th Birthday Countdown

  • Ask your friends every 6 hours.

Farmville 5th Birthday Countdown Icon (at the right side of the screen)

A Look at the Stamps to be collected for Farmville 5th Birthday Countdown

List of Rewards

  • 5th Birthday Cake
  • Topsy Turvy Birthday Cow
  • Birthday Rehearsal Cat
  • Dark Chocolate Sheep
  • Bubblegum Birthday Chicken
  • 5 Tier Cupcake Tree
  • Birthday Shake Pig
  • 5th Birthday Goat
  • Blissful Birthday Pony
  • Birthday Bunny
  • Red Velvet Birthday
  • Balloongie Dog
  • Cupcake Gnomette
  • 5th Birthday Giraffe
  • Party Rooster
  • Party Crasher Unicorn


When you collect all stamps, you’ll get a Razzled Dazzled Birthday Pegacorn as a bonus reward.

Happy Farming!

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