Wednesday, December 24, 2014

FarmVille 2 - Music Stand

Music Stand

Building the Music Stand:

Riding the Carriage and Caroling with Friends:


Crafts & Rewards for each Ride:

Ride 1

Rewards: Fertilizer, Coins & Power

Ride 2

Rewards: Power, Coins & Speed Feed

Ride 3

Rewards: Speed-Grow, Power & Coins

Ride 4

Rewards: Baby Bottles, Coins & Power

Ride 5

Reward: Baby Smoke Nigora Goat

After the Caroling and Rides:

Your Music Stand will become a decoration after you get the Baby Smoke Nigora Goat. 
However, you can get another one!

You can keep your old Music Stand on your Farm or you can put it in your Inventory.

Additional Info:
• Consumable Rewards will not add to the Meter or Inventory if it's full.
• You can obtain up to 3 Music Stands.
• You can only have 1 active Music Stand at a time.

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