Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Otter Charm Collection

Otter Charm Collection

Building the Otter Charm Collection:

Collecting Otter Charms:

Harvesting Crops:

Crafting Otter Charms:

Harvest Sheep and Rabbits for Wool
Ask your friends for this Hand-holding Otters
Otter Friendship Necklaces (2 Otter Charms)

Harvest Horses to obtain this Horseshoe
Ask your friends for this Bracelet Clasp
Otter Charm Bracelets (3 Otter Charms)

Completing the following Quests:
Otter Jewelry for the Holidays Quests

Redeeming Rewards:

*There is no actual bag. The resources will just appear near the Otter Charm Collection, on your farm.

After placing the Sparkling Fountain on your farm, click the Otter Charm Collection again to redeem your
Baby Black and White Harlequin Rabbit

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