Monday, March 23, 2015

FarmVille 2 - Bouquet Buggy

Bouquet Buggy

Building the Bouquet Buggy:

Main Page:

Inviting Friends:
Only 5 friends at a time can appear at your Bouquet Buggy while the rest will be in the queue.

Making Spring Bouquets:

Harvest some Orange Marigolds (10) + Harvest some Sunflowers (10)
Golden Pomander (1 Spring Bouquet)

Harvest some Crimean Irises (6) + Ask your friends for this Lace Fan (2)
Floral Fanfare (2 Spring Bouquet)

Harvest Ducks, Turkeys and Peacocks to obtain this Brown Feather (6) + Ask your friends for this Spring Flower Basket (3)
Spring Pageant (3 Spring Bouquet)

Note: If you make Spring Bouquets and has no invited friend yet, 
as soon as a friend accepts the invite/ appears in the main page, 
the game will automatically take away the Spring Bouquet with the highest score, first.

Share & Collect Thank you Cards:


13 Thank You Cards = Living Chair

39 Thank You Cards = Japanese Larch Tree

71 Thank You Cards = Goodie Bag (Coins, Unwither, Speed-Grow, & Super Feed)

110 Thank You Cards = Purple Floral Arch

156 Thank You Cards = Baby White Rhea


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